Meet the Panda Night Light Collection

Create an atmosphere of well-being in your room with our beautiful collection of Panda Night Light. There's something for everyone with pandas that are each cuter and more original than the next. Ideal to brighten up your daily life, you can place them on your nightstand or bedside table to light up the room or use them as a nightlight for your child. He will be able to sleep peacefully at night.

We also have a wall lamp with a cute baby panda that lights up with LEDs. Our models are made of quality materials like plastic and PVC. Both light and resistant, it does not heat up and you can easily turn it off with its switch.

Some of our models are illuminated with bulbs and they need batteries or they can be recharged with a USB cable. We offer lamps with an exceptional quality-price ratio. You will be able to offer one to your child who will be able to decorate and light up his room with a thousand lights by putting it on his lampshade.

Imagine the pleasure you will feel when you discover every day the wall of your living room or your bedroom decorated with one of our wonderful Panda Poster. You will smile when you have your favorite animal in your home, perfect to bring you an atmosphere of well-being, it will be perfect well above your bed so that you can live your daily life more serenely.

A nightlight is more than just a decoration! At a young age, imaginary monsters can cause real anxiety. But Mr. Panda is there to act as a protector! Read more...

The benefits of having a Panda Night Light

Regardless of the characteristics of the Child Nightlight or Baby Nightlight, battery operated or rechargeable via the mains, single or multi-colored, whether it changes color or not, a child nightlight is a must have in childcare, the bedside lamp of the little ones. Goodbye crying once the light is off. On, bright, it works wonders to help find sleep and spend a good night by acting as a magic shield against the monster that hides in the closet or under the bed and allowing your child to fall asleep safely.

For children, this cute and soothing light, placed on the bedside table or shelf, diffuses a soft light and will repel the dark forces of the night for a safe sleep. Like a decorative lighthouse with a soothing glow, the panda nightlight becomes a watchman, even a sentry, making sure that no evil monster dares to stay in the baby's room or nursery.

For a sweet night, this decorative and warm lantern, sometimes with melodies or changing colors, will be the light placed on the night table diffusing a comforting aura all night long.

There is also the musical nightlight that will act as a lullaby and bring an additional touch of soothing to your child during the night.

How to use a Panda Night Light to help your child overcome their nightmare

A child's fears of the dark come from his imagination. Reason and imagination are poles apart. Rather than using reason to chase away the child's demons from his imagination, the idea is to use the source that created his fears. Fighting an imagination with another imagination, to write a new and secure imagination.

Yes, but how?

For most parents, the idea of fighting imagination with imagination may seem unconventional, but it refers to the latest research in child development. When children are too small to fully grasp that their fears are fictional, magical thinking can be deployed to help them feel in control.

The panda is a symbol of gentleness and strength. Simply bring this panda nightlight to life in your child's fantasy world. Turn this object into a protector against the naughty monsters of the night. Whether it is for the phase of sleep, or for its dreamy journey, this small luminous panda will watch over him as much switched on as off to protect him throughout the night.

Thus you will allow your child to learn by himself to get rid of his fears and enjoy a more confident development!

The risks of sleeping without a Panda Night Light for your kid 

Scientists say that fear of the dark is an evolutionary mechanism, passed down to us from our ancestors who were regularly attacked by nocturnal predators. As we grow up, it takes time for our brains to realize that our fears are unfounded. Psychologists believe that 50% of children between the ages of 2 and 7 are afraid of the dark. If left untreated, this fear can carry over into adulthood: Among adults, 8% of women and 3% of men are afraid of the dark, often resulting in insomnia.

Most parents do not take their children's fears of the dark seriously. If they are particularly bothered by their child crawling into bed each night, they will try to reassure them. The most common way adults address children's fears is to try to rationalize with them that there is nothing to worry about. Telling a child that their fear is unreal doesn't help, because to them they are real. This is not how children will develop the coping mechanisms necessary to overcome this fear.


The panda night light, the night monster hunter!

Each of our panda nightlights will act as your little one's night guard. In addition to reassure him, a night light will allow him, from the youngest age, to face his fears and thus always go forward!

Reinforce the magic of the room with our Panda Night Light

Childhood is a fantastic world of creativity. Decorating the room in harmony with the little night light amplifies the secure link that your little one will create. His room will no longer be a possible den of ugly monsters, but a playful paradise with an army of panda bears to increase his inventiveness tenfold! Let's go and discover the magic of stickers!

The Panda Night Light for a magical night

Despite all the love given to our child at home, he will receive more negative emotions than positive ones during his childhood. His development must lead him to manage his own hard times. This is where the stuffed animal comes into play. As a faithful companion in his fictions, it will create strong links with him, reinforcing him all the more. So don't hesitate to take a look at our vast collection of stuffed animals!