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Explore our Panda Clothing Collection if you're a Panda's Lover ! T shirts, Slippers, Socks, Hoodie and many more pandas items !

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Find your cocooning happiness in our Panda Plush collection ! For all the panda's lover that need a soft and cuddly teddy bear for their naps


Hello, I'm Basi, welcome to my world dedicated to my panda family !

If you found the way to my world, you probably want to be part of it too. If that's the case I'll be happy to accompany you. Follow me! It's over here !

That's right ! On my store it's all panda 🐼. I hope you love them because they are so sweet, adorable and cute. How could you not fall for them.

That's why my online panda store offers lucky people like you to check out our adorable and cute panda gifts 🎁, panda toys, panda sleepwear 🌙, panda designs and lots of other panda items and accessories. Join our pandas in their wonderful and fascinating world.

Do you know why everyone loves pandas ? (I challenge you to find one person who doesn't).

Because they are all sweet, they are cuddly and their teddy bear shapes make them irresistible ❤️

On my store Universe of Panda we send you your packages for free and worldwide. My site also offers secure payment methods.

A quality service that listens to you and makes sure that everything goes well and that your little panda joins you in the best conditions. And if your companion gets lost on the way I will send you one back at my expense 📦)

Enjoy your visit! 🐼


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