3D Panda Mug

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Having a hard morning ? Choose this beautiful 3D Panda Mug that will make you smile with this adorable panda that serves as a handle.

We love this mug too cute with this funny panda that serves as a handle. In the mug, there are bamboo leaves, that's why he climbs to get them. Moreover, this cup is light and comfortable, so you can easily take it in your hand. Its quality ceramic material keeps your milk or coffee warm. Ideal for a breakfast that is successful, your day starts off on the right foot with this great mug.

Characteristics of the 3D Panda Mug

• Quality porcelain mug
• Resistant
• Animal print
• Printed pattern
• Ergonomic design
• Ceramic panda handle
• Machine washable
• Hand washable
• Dry upside down