Baby Panda Pajamas

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You will love to see your baby wearing this Baby Panda Pajamas which is too cute. Its soft and light fabric will offer him an optimal comfort so that he will have nice dreams at night.

What could be cuter than to see your little one wearing a Baby Panda Pajamas? You'll love seeing him smile and have fun in these great hooded pajamas and their high quality fabric.

Soft and fleecy, it offers a maximum of warmth and comfort to your child's skin so that he is as comfortable as possible when he sleeps. He will become a real panda on paws.

• Quality suit
• Organic cotton with extra long fibers.
• Long sleeves
• Zipper closure
• Fleece hood
• Resistant to wear and tear
• Machine washable at 90°F
• Do not bleach
• Use tumble dryer at low temperature