Baby Panda Plush Toy

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Let yourself be tempted by the Baby Panda Plush Toy holding a bamboo ! On this teddy bear, we see a little panda sitting on his buttocks.

He has beautiful black and white colors, brown eyes and a nice round head.He is holding a bamboo shoot with his hands, it is his favorite food, he must be happy to have one! Aren't you touched by his look ? This soft panda is perfect to stay in bed a little longer and enjoy the tenderness of the Chinese bear. As you are a fan of the panda, this plush is personalized for you.

For your kids, it is the perfect plush, not too big or too small, they can carry it with them to school and hug it tightly. You'll make a happy family member! Here is your new black and white friend, with his little eyes, he looks at you waiting for a hug: it's up to you to give him what he wants. When you like pandas, you like to have a nice collection of the bear, the small panda plush with a bamboo will come to garnish your range of panda teddy bears.

• Materials: cotton and plush
• A away from the fire
• 2 sizes available