Cute Panda T-Shirt Design

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What could be better than the Cute Panda T-Shirt Design to go with a summer outfit? Pandas are lazy animals, this one is slumped on the ground.

In this design, we see a giant panda with blue eyes staring at us. He has tousled hair and big claws on his fingertips. He has a black nose and a white muzzle that hints at a small smile. This cute bear seems to ask us something.

It looks like he has a big craving for bamboo for lunch. Pandas are able to eat more than three kilos of bamboo per day. Summer is coming soon, so a custom panda t-shirt is a welcome addition to the southern beaches. Plus, the turquoise color is too light to catch the sun's rays. 

Kids love the albino bear, so don't hesitate to order yours! He'll look the best on the beach with his awesome panda on his belly. This Cute Panda T-Shirt Design is suitable for both boys and girls.

• For kids
• Unisex
• Materials: cotton and polyester
• Type of design: printed
• Round collar