Gold Panda Bracelet

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Let yourself be tempted by the Gold Panda Bracelet and think of a beautiful gold panda jewel.

On this Gold Panda Bracelet, we see a golden panda head with black spots around the eyes, it is hung by red woven strings that are hung by a knot at the end.

We love the bling, as long as it is not too pronounced to keep a touch of elegance. This panda bracelet is perfect for your evening wear. Made with real gold, it marks your style with a touch of elegance and embellishes your silhouette with a pretty two-tone bear head.

By mixing originality and elegance, this jewel has everything to please. It is perfect for semi-casual outfits for summer nights out. As with the Brazilian bracelets, this one is perfect with a light and casual outfit.

Even though it's not the cheapest, this gold pendant has something extra irresistible that will make even the toughest of you fall for it. We're not used to seeing the China Bear in such outfits and so chic!

• Gender : for women
• Material : metals including 24k gold
• Chain type : woven