Ice Cream Panda Squishy

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Fall under the spell of this irresistible Ice Cream Panda Squishy.  It's the perfect way to relax and regain your serenity

Thanks to its friendly and delicious design, you will love to squeeze and crush its soft layer of this amazing Ice Cream Panda Squishy  with a cute panda head printed on it. Don't worry, you won't get it all over the place. You can use it at school or at work to relieve tension and anxiety.

Give it as Ice Cream Panda Squishy to a child or an adult to have fun and relax with.

You can easily hang this accessory on your keychain, phone or backpack with its metal ring and heavy duty chain. This squishy is very popular, because it releases a good smell and pleasure pheromones that can effectively act on a person's mood. Ideal to eliminate bad emotions and develop well-being.

• Elastic PU
• Size : 4x1.6" / 10x4,5cm
• Soft and very slow
• Sweet smell
• Animal print