Kawaii Squishy Panda Bun

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This Kawaii Squishy Panda Bun is a great stress reliever and fun toy. you can use it every day!

Simple and soft, this sublime Kawaii Squishy Panda Bun will help you in your daily life so that you can relax and have fun. We love this round and cute panda head. Watch this anti-stress ball return to its original shape within seconds of crushing it with your hands.

The round shape of the Kawaii Squishy Panda Bun allows you to relax in an optimal way.

Made with quality materials, this sumptuous squishy will give you a pleasant feeling to the touch. It is a real pleasure to knead and press it. Moreover, its small size allows you to take it everywhere with you. Live better, without anxiety and fear.

• Elastic PU
• Size : 3" / 7 cm
• Soft and very slow
• Sweet smell
• Animal print
• Do not eat or swallow