Kids Panda Necklace

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Create the surprise by wearing on your neck this superb Kids Panda Necklace with a panda who dab. A jewel with a funny and original design that will brighten up your everyday life!

Bring a touch of fantasy to your outfit with this beautiful necklace with its pendant of a panda doing a dab. This legendary posture has left its mark on young and old alike.

Moreover, this pendant stands out with this beautiful panda covered with glittering rhinestones that bring dynamism and shine. You can wear it on your way to school or to work. You will always be in a festive and joyful mood with it!

• The chain is twisted
• Metal and zinc pendant
• With rhinestones
• Light and resistant
• Animal print
• For men and women
• Pendant size : 2x2.5" / 5,1x6,4cm