Mini Squishy Panda

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Discover this adorable Mini Squishy Panda to help you reduce the stress and bad emotions you may have accumulated during your day.

If you are nervous and anxious by nature, this cute Mini Squishy Panda is for you. It will help you calm down when you are tense. You can squeeze and squish it with your hands for fun and enjoyment. It is a great way to find serenity.

Live better every day with this anti-stress Mini Squishy Panda.

This great accessory will help you to recover and to put under control your anxieties and your fears. You can use it at work or at school when pressure and stress are the strongest. Small and easy to carry, you will always have it by your side!

• Quality rubber
• Size : 1.2" / 3 cm
• Soft and very slow
• Sweet smell
• Animal print
• Do not eat or swallow