Panda Bag Plush Girl

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Girl plush backpack, with sweet colors! Too cute my first crib bag. 

Characteristics of the Panda Bag Plush Girl

• Made of cotton, soft and fluffy, her fur is pleasant to the touch.
• This 10.2"x1.20" / 26x23cm Comfort Bag has adjustable straps.
• This bag is not compatible with the A4 format.
• This Plush Bag is suitable for children over 24 months.
• This plush backpack for girls has several zipped pockets where your child can put the essentials for a leisurely outing or a day at the nursery, such as his snacks, toys and even his little secrets...
• This Plush Bag is very soft with a fine fur mostly made of white, with ears, paws and eyes made up of black in the image of my beloved Panda.
• It's not just a plush bag, it's a cuddly companion. The Girl Plush Backpack, my cute and very soft friend. To take everywhere.