Panda Bear Balloon Animal

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Want to have a mascot to celebrate your birthday or any other event that is important to you. This inflatable Panda Bear Balloon Animal balloons is perfect for fun!

You love parties and pandas. We've got just the thing for you with this great decorative item that will liven up your parties. You and your guests will love this beautiful, happy inflatable panda holding a bamboo branch between his paws.

Easy to inflate, it will accompany you throughout the party by bringing with him the good mood. You'll understand, in addition to bringing a nice personal touch. It's the ideal way to have fun with friends and family.

Characteristics of the Panda Bear Balloon Animal

• Aluminum sheet material
• High quality
• Can contain helium
• Animal print
• Size: 27.5"x19.2" / 70x49cm
• Keep away from children