Panda Bed

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Don't hesitate any longer and opt for this beautiful Panda Bed with Kawaii bed sheets and a velvet fleece fabric.

Perfect for winter, the Panda Bed will offer you an utmost comfort and softness.

Original and cozy. You will have a unique decoration and personalize your bed with this magnificent bed set with the effigy of your favorite animal. We've got just the thing for you with this sumptuous bedding set made of high quality velvet and a kawaii style printed panda head.

You will be surprised by the softness and lightness of its fleece fabric. Plus, its quality fleece fabric is perfect for spending the winter warm. It offers an incredible feeling of comfort so that you can have sweet dreams during the coldest periods.

Features of the Panda Bed

Quality velvet material
• Covered with a down comforter
• 1 Duvet Cover +1 Sheet + 1 Pillowcase (3pcs)
• 1 Duvet cover +1 Bed sheet + 2 Pillowcases (4pcs)
• Quality fleece fabric
• Panda print
• Machine washable
• Do not bleach
• Medium temperature in the dryer