Panda Big Plush with a Bamboo

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Let yourself be tempted by this beautiful Panda Big Plush with a Bamboo to accompany you in your sleep.

With his big belly and his little paws, he holds his faithful bamboo close to him that he will gobble up for his snack. Whether it's a mini panda plush for babies or a giant panda plush for older kids, you'll have everything you need here. Adults are also served and can rub shoulders with the tenderness of a giant plush teddy bear.

The panda bolster plush for example is perfect to relax your back after a long day at work, other panda plush are available for you. Here is a very proud panda, with his clumsy air, he holds his meal in his hands: a bamboo shoot. Don't wait any longer to enjoy his fluffy texture!

• Materials : cotton
• Size: 19.5' / 50 cm