Panda Birthday Balloon with age number

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Celebrate your child's birthday with these pretty Panda Birthday Balloon with age number from 0 to 9 and inflate with helium. Ideal for marking the event with a nice touch of creativity and originality.

Mark the occasion by celebrating and decorating your child's birthday party with these beautiful birthday balloons. Perfect for celebrating a day that will be unforgettable. These numbers ranging from 0 to 9 feature high quality workmanship and that panda head hanging above.

You can combine them to get the number you want. The balloons are inflated with helium, they can remain in weightlessness for a long time. Ideal for a festive decoration, the atmosphere will be more beautiful.

Characteristics of the Panda Birthday Balloon with age number

• Aluminum foil material
• High quality
• Inflates with helium
• Animal print
• Numbers from 0 to 9
• Keep away from children
• Avoid flames