Panda Birthday Decorations Lot of Balloons

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Amaze your child's eyes and your guests with your panda themed decoration. This beautiful set of 10 panda balloons will bring a touch of originality and fun to your birthday party.

Decorate your birthday party with beautiful accessories featuring your favorite animal. We've got just the thing with this great set of 10 balloons, some of which are polka dots and others that have this adorable baby panda printed on them that is just too cute. A great decoration idea that will make this day perfect and unforgettable.

Characteristics of the Panda Birthday Decorations Lot of Balloons

• Latex material
• High quality
• 5 Balloons with animal print
• 5 Balloons with polka dots
• Pack of 10 pieces
• Size: 17.7"x17.7" / 45,7x45,7cm
• Keep away from children
• Avoid flames