Panda Birthday Decorations Lot Set

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Decorate your birthday party with this wonderful set of panda birthday decorations. It will appeal to kids and adults alike!

Celebrate a great panda themed birthday party by decorating your home with this beautiful panda birthday decoration set. You'll have a complete set that includes a banner, plates, cups and popcorn boxes.

Perfect to bring a unique party atmosphere to this special day, you and your guests will be surprised by its beautiful rendering.

Characteristics of the Panda Birthday Decorations Lot Set

• Cardboard material
• Lot of 62 pieces
• High quality paper
• 100% recyclable and biodegradable
• Perfect for 10 to 15 guests
• Does not alter the taste
• Standard delivery FREE
• 20 plates
• 20 cups
• 10 popcorn boxes
• 1 banner (114" / 2.9 m) (12 banners)