Panda Birthday Decorations Popcorn Box

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You are organizing a popcorn party for your child's birthday. Get these beautiful panda popcorn tins for an unforgettable time.

Choose these cute cardboard popcorn boxes with this sweet printed panda sitting and eating bamboo to have a movie night with a smile. Your child and his friends will love eating popcorn or any other treat like candy by helping themselves to these uniquely designed pots.

It's a simple and effective accessory that will make them smile. Moreover, these cardboard boxes will limit the risk of finding food on the floor or in your sofa.

Characteristics of the Panda Birthday Decorations Popcorn Box

• Cardboard material
• Durable and resistant
• 100% recyclable and biodegradable
• Pack of 6 boxes
• Does not alter the taste
• Size:  1.6"x2.4"x5.2" /  4,5x6,5x13cm