Panda Birthday Decorations Set

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Make your child happy for his birthday while saving a maximum of time and enjoy your guests. He will love this beautiful decoration on the theme of pandas during his birthday.

You will be surprised by this beautiful kit specially created for birthday parties. Ideal to spend an unforgettable day, this birthday kit is distinguished by its beauty and originality with its many essential accessories that make the success of a party.

You can find balloons with the effigy of the panda and others with solid colors such as blue, white, gray metal and black. You will have understood it, it is an optimal decoration which will make you save a precious time and which will cause the admiration of your close relations.

Characteristics of the Panda Birthday Decorations Set

• Latex and aluminum foil material
• Paper
• High quality
• Animal print
• Keep away from children
• Do not swallow