Panda Bun Squishy

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This anti stress Panda Bun Squishy  is perfect for reducing stressful moments. Give your kid this cute Panda Bun Squishy  so they can relax, focus and have fun.

If you or your kids is suffering from stress, this stress ball will help you feel better.With this Panda Bun Squishy wearing a cute pink bow tie on the ear, you will be perfectly calm thanks to its soft layer that you can squeeze countless times.

This squishy effectively reduces the state of stress so that you find the state of well being. It is an accessory that is easy to carry, so you can use it at home, at school or at work.

• Elastic PU
• 3 different sizes
• Soft and very slow
• Soft smell
• Animal print
• Do not eat or swallow