Panda Chair for Children

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Your child will be happy by decorating his room with this beautiful white stool with this nice panda head. He will be able to read or draw while sitting comfortably.

Ideal for children, you can offer it as a gift to your little one so he can decorate his room with this beautiful white stool. He will love this cute panda head with kawaii style.

Made with recycled plastic, it will allow your child to sit quietly in optimal comfort to allow him to draw or read a book. You will have understood, it is a useful object which has all its place in its room.

Characteristics of the Panda Chair for Children

• Recycled plastic stool
• Animal print
• Size: 11.5x10.5x10" / 29.5x27x25cm
• For children
• Color: White
• Use a dry or damp cloth to clean it