Panda Couple T-Shirt

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Discover the Panda Couple T-Shirt with "Hers" and "His"  and share your favorite animal with your partner

Here is a nice t-shirt to wear between lovers. Its time to show your love to the world! It goes with the gray hipster panda t-shirt, with these two you will have a perfect wardrobe with the colors of the Chinese bear.

For even more panda prints, dress up with a men's or children's panda t-shirt.These pandas are in love, with their little hearts and shy looks, it gives a touch of romance to your look, without overdoing it.

Love is priceless, it's something to live with passion ... Like the passion of the panda! We love kawaii bears, so if you're like us, these t-shirts are perfect for you. It's the perfect gift for Valentine's Day!

• For men
• For women
• Material : cotton
• Round neck
• Printed