Panda Diamond Ring

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Let yourself be tempted by the elegance of the Panda Diamond Ring for your outfit. Don't be ashamed to assume your love for giant pandas.

We finally found the perfect accessory that mixes elegance and cuteness with a Panda Diamond Ring. On this Panda Diamond Ring, we see a scaled panda head. It has purple and bulging eyes that gives a creepy side to the jewel.

On the sides there are green leaves by three, the pandas are great lovers of plants, they are able to eat several tens of kilos per day. With its silver color, it remains easy to wear in summer as well as in winter, for a city outfit or an evening outfit.

Chinese bears are clumsy animals, it is hard to imagine them on a ring. However, you can wear this jewel in evening wear, it suits the occasion perfectly.

Placed on your hand, this panda ring will sublimate your style, thanks to a simple accessory, your whole outfit is transformed, that's the strength of the panda! How to resist this panda ring? It has everything for it: cute and elegant, we are sure it will fit you perfectly!

• Gender: unisex
• Material : metal (silver plated)