Panda Ice Cream Cone Squishy

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A desire to relax by evacuating stress and anxiety.This funny panda Panda Ice Cream Cone Squishy will help you do just that!

With its original style and its soft and compressible material. This squishy ice cream stick is distinguished by these four funny panda heads that are stacked on top of each other. It is an essential accessory that is anti-stress and will help you find serenity and a Zen attitude so that you no longer have anxiety attacks or mood disorders that could spoil your daily life.

Before, during and after a day of school or work, you can use this beautiful Panda Ice Cream Cone Squishy daily.

Soft and gentle, it will offer you a great tactile sensation. Ideal to relax and entertain you when you are not well. It can help to solve your psychological and physical problems. It is also a very good exercise to improve the sensations of your fingers. It will be necessary to crush it or to press it so that you can already feel the first positive effects.

• Elastic PU
• Size : 1.20x6" /  3x15cm
• Soft and very slow
• Sweet smell
• Animal print
• Do not eat or swallow