Panda Mug Ninja and Unicorn

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Ideal to have a smile when you have your breakfast. You won't be able to do without this Cute Panda Mug  with this funny ninja panda with a unicorn horn.

If you like pandas with unicorn horns and ninjas? We have for you this beautiful mug of a panda that has a colorful unicorn horn and is trying to hide, because he is a ninja at heart. Easy to hold thanks to its large handle. This white mug is made of quality porcelain, which makes it extremely light. It offers you a better comfort when you hold it.

Characteristics of the Panda Mug Ninja and Unicorn

• Quality porcelain mug
• Resistant
• Animal print
• Ergonomic design
• Spoon included
• Machine washable
• Hand washable
• Dry upside down