Panda Pajamas Womens

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You will love to wear this cute Panda Pajamas Womens. Perfect for when you sleep, you'll have a great night's sleep in warmth and comfort.

Make the choice of comfort and softness when you sleep with this beautiful Panda Pajamas Womens with the effigy of your favorite animal. Ideal to accompany you to the wonderful world of dreams.

This hooded panda pajamas is really too cute with its eyes filled with tenderness. Its cotton fabric is very pleasant to wear which gives your skin a pleasant feeling of comfort and softness. Perfect for being warm, you won't be able to do without it!

• Quality suit
• Organic cotton with extra-long fibers.
• Long sleeves
• Fleece hood
• Kawaii animal print
• Resistant to wear and tear
• Machine washable at 90°F
• Do not bleach
• Use tumble dryer at low temperature