Panda Paw Slippers 

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Let yourself be tempted by the fantasy of the Panda Paw Slippers !

Theses Panda Paw Slippers are extremely comfortable. They go up like boots and are very thick. With such a model you are sure to surprise everyone: they look like Yeti paws. 

These funny slippers will make everyone around you laugh: you'll have a funny time when you unpack the product (if you order it of course...). Big slippers like these have the added benefit of being warm, so they're perfect for those rough winters and slippers who prefer to stay cooped up at home.

They are fully lined to give the illusion of a coat on your feet. It's like wearing a big, fluffy blanket - nothing feels better than your foot rubbing against the soft fabric of the slipper.

Once on your feet, you enjoy slippers that are as soft as panda fur, plus they're fun and fancy. This is the kind of slippers that panda fans love, by wearing them, they assume their love for the two-tone bear!

• Gender : women's
• Material : cotton