Panda Plush Bear Design

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Let yourself be tempted by a Panda Plush Bear Design and enjoy the softness of a teddy bear ! 

The fashion is to the albino bear, in China, it is a symbol of environmental protection. At nours, more and more children choose the panda teddy bears and abandon the classic teddy bears. 

The panda is of a rare softness, cute as anything, this one makes you a tender and soft smile, it asks only for cuddles and love. If you like the tenderness of giant pandas, you will melt in front of the big panda plush, other panda plush are available for you. 

 With its beautiful black and white colors and its round and cute head, the panda has everything to please: cuddle it with all your love. Don't wait any longer to order it now!

• Materials: cotton
• Size: 8.5" / 21 cm