Panda Plush Big Head Cushion

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With his beautiful smile and his little body, isn't he cute? This Panda Plush Big Head Cushion will bring a kawaii touch to your home decor!

Let's get serious, a plush panda over 30" / 75 cm will take up a lot of space in your home so you need to be prepared: a double bed or a place on the floor to decorate will do the trick. Some decorating specialists suggest placing it in the baby's room for example.

Real pandas are more than 180 cm long so you can still go before you have a similar size.
In addition to this footstool, complete your panda family with the panda arm lift plush, it's the perfect teddy bear for kids. Other panda plushies are available, check them out!
Whether it's for the kids to play with or for you to rest on its soft body, there are tons of ways to use it.

• Size: 3 availables
• Materials: Cotton