Panda Plush Black Miniature

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Let yourself be tempted by the Panda Plush Black Miniature and enjoy a little black and white teddy bear just for you!

This baby panda is very soft, it is a toy that all children want with them to keep them company when parents are not around. A mini panda bear is perfect to reassure children. Is the panda your favorite animal? Here's what you need!

This one is very small, this little one is to crunch, enjoy this baby panda just for you. This is one of the smallest pandas in our store, so small that we risk losing it... So be careful not to lose it! If you can't buy the ones in Beauval zoo, you can be satisfied with a small plush. The black and white bear will remain in the zoo, let's be satisfied with his miniature replica.

• Materials : cotton
• Size : 4' / 10 cm