Panda Plush Interactif

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Seemingly gentle and calm, you will be surprised by this incredible Panda Plush Interactif that is interactive and has big eyes.

This panda under its calm and harmless air, hides in reality a very aggressive animal. You will be surprised by this amazing interactive plush. When this panda is angry, he doesn't hesitate to show you his huge teeth, which could shock and surprise many people. Made with quality materials, it is both light and very resistant to shocks and wear.

Panda Plush Interactif is ideal to surprise and joke with your friends and family.

Perfect to surprise your loved ones, they will want to stroke the body of this adorable panda and its head, without suspecting for a moment what will happen. His expression changes when you get too close to his ears. He will let you know by showing his fangs if you pinch them. The surprise effect of this interactive plush will only be more beautiful!

• Polyester fiber
• Does not deform
• Animal print
• Size : 9" / 22 cm
• Machine washable at 90°F
• Do not bleach
• Do not use the dryer