Panda Toy Building Set for Children

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Alone or with the family, this is the timeless and indispensable game you need. You and your kids will love this great panda building set for kids.

If you want to relax and have fun, this beautiful brick building set will amaze you. With its 3689 pieces made of quality and eco-friendly plastic.

You can occupy your child's day by assembling and building this fantastic 22.7cm high panda with a bamboo branch in its paw. Educational and fun, it's the perfect gift that will make people happy.

This game is a great way to stimulate his brain. It will awaken his senses, helping him to strengthen his visual identification, his logical thinking. Moreover, once this panda is assembled, he will be able to decorate his room with his favorite animal. He will be proud of himself when he looks at it.

Characteristics of the Panda Toy  Building Set for Children

• Parts are made of ecofriendly plastic
• Size: 8.7"x7.1" / 22,7x18,1cm
• Number of pieces: 3689pcs
• Black and white
• Suitable for children over 6 years old
• Do not eat or swallow
• Be careful not to put in the hands of children under 3-4 years