Panda Toy Game Box

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Give this beautiful panda game box to your child. it is a toy that is both educational and fun. He will have a great time thanks to its many metal parts.

Ideal for children. Give him this great game box on his birthday or at an equally happy gathering. He'll love the many metal pieces that represent different everyday jobs. He can personalize each of the characters with different clothes, like this adorable panda, a rabbit, a bear and a cat.

This wooden game box has a whiteboard. Your child will be able to write whatever he wants with a velleda marker, it is also very easy to clean. He will think he is in school. This game box is very educational and will allow your child to have many hours of fun with his friends

Characteristics of the Panda Toy Game Box

• Wooden materials
• Magnetic piece
• White board included
• Can be hung on metal walls
• From 3 years old
•  12"x6"x2" / 30x15x5cm