Round Panda Plush

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This little ball of fur will make you crack. You will love this Round Panda Plush.

This funny Round Panda Plush will seduce young and old, because it is distinguished by its original and kawaii style which makes it unique. In addition, this cute panda is both soft and fluffy. It's a real delight to touch when it comes to cuddling it and holding it in your arms.

Much more than a simple decoration object, Round Panda Plush will become indispensable and vital in your life.

Flexible and light, you will be able to take it everywhere with you, whether at home or on vacation. You will not be able to do without its softness and its warmth which will do you so much good. A very strong bond will be created between you!

• PP cotton
• Does not deform
• Animal print
• Size : 9"
• Machine washable at 90°F
• Do not bleach
• Do not use the dryer