Soft Panda Pillow

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Let yourself be tempted by the Soft Panda Pillow and enjoy a little warmth for the winter!

On this cushion, we see a panda. Unlike other bears in China, this one is not black and white, it is gray with pink cheeks. Also, he has little ears that stick out on his head. With the big hole in the middle, you can put your hands in a soft coat. 

You will enjoy the thick fur of the panda hand warmer to warm your hands in winter. In a single gesture you will forget the coldness of December. When you have spent a day in the cold, it is the perfect accessory to forget the hard times. To rest better, you can put your head on it. It is the perfect accessory to sleep on a table for example.

You can relieve your joints and your posture. If you are a fan of the panda and you like everything soft, this product is for you! No more dull old cushions, with this hand warmer, you have a cute, original and multifunctional product, it's ideal. Don't wait any longer to order yours !

Soft Panda Pillow Details

• Keep away from fire
• Material : Cotton and plush
• Size: 10 x 8 x 9"