Soft Panda Plush

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Offer now this wonderful Soft Panda Plush to your child! he will now have a smile in his company.

With its unique and original style, this beautiful plush with this adorable soft panda will not finish surprising your child. It will be perfect for little ones who want softness and comfort. Your little one will love to take it in his arms.

This Soft Panda Plush will help your child to gain confidence.

Indeed, this beautiful plush is perfect to bring a non-negotiable support to your child. Goodbye crying and bad moods because he will now have this nice panda near him who will bring him moral support and comfort when he is not well. He will be able to use it as a cuddly toy, to take care of him and to develop his imagination. A real friend he won't be able to do without!

• Cotton PP
• Does not deform
• Animal print
• Size : 13" / 33cm
• Machine washable at 90°F
• Do not bleach
• Do not use the dryer