Squishy Panda Unicorn

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This adorable Squishy Panda Unicorn will help you gain confidence when you are nervous. How can you resist this wonderful animal that is too cute?

Perfect for relaxing and entertaining you when you are sometimes tense and nervous. This fantastic squishy with this kawaii style panda that has a beautiful colorful unicorn horn and has angel wings will help you feel better in your daily life. Just squeeze it and crush it with your hands to feel the first beneficial effects.

A popular and effective Squishy Panda Unicorn that is used to evacuate anxiety and bad emotions.

This anti-stress squishy is an essential accessory when you are at school or at work. Knead it to stay the most calm and relaxed in any situation. You can hang it on your bag, your keys so that your favorite pet is always near you.

• Elastic PU
• Size : 6x4" / 15x10cm
• Soft and very slow
• Soft smell
• Animal print
• Do not eat or swallow