Toddler Panda Slippers

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We love seeing newborns wearing cute accessories. This Toddler Panda Slippers will make you fall in love!

This little pair of Toddler Panda Slippers with its panda print exclusively for babies is so cute. What could be cuter than to see your child wearing this kind of accessory?

Moreover, its sole offers a perfect seat. Ideal for your child to be as comfortable as possible. Its quality cotton offers him a comfort and a pleasant softness. He will have his little feet warm thanks to a fleece interior.

• Cotton
• Shallow and fleecy
• Embroidered pattern
• Animal print
• Size: 4.5 - 5,3 (US) / 11-13
• Machine washable
• Do not bleach
• Use the dryer on low heat
• Use under adult supervision