Wooden Panda Puzzle

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Assemble the different pieces to bring this adorable Giant 3D Wooden Panda Puzzle to life.

This beautiful figurine is a game that is both playful and fun that will please your child enormously.

We love this beautiful wooden figurine that has the effigy of a panda. He is sitting and holding a bamboo branch between his paws. Your child will have a great time putting together this wonderful puzzle.

In addition, in the box there is a clear and easy to understand assembly guide. He will have no trouble putting them together. Once the piece is finished, he will be proud of his work and will be able to use it as a decoration to decorate his room with his favorite animal.

Characteristics of the Wooden Panda Puzzle

• Wooden figurine
• Eco-responsible
• Assembly guide
• Pieces are laser-cut
• From 6 years old
• Do not eat
• Do not swallow