The Panda Teddy Bear, my best friend

From the first age, panda are an excellent choice for  cute and cuddly moments 

Winnie and Minnie have a lot to worry about, because who better than the giant panda, symbol of protection and inner peace to fill the role of plush toy! This panda bear, which automatically reminds us of bamboo, is also a perfect candidate for the role of teddy bear, all cute, with an adorable face.

Whether it's a figurine, a wooden toy, a puzzle, a puppet or a doll, your baby will quickly fall in love with this plush panda!

The Panda Teddy Bear have his place in your child's room

In baby's room, at bedtime, the soothing glow of the nightlight, the rattle hanging from the bed bumper, warm in his polar pajamas, with his pacifier or his pacifier in his mouth which will have taken over from his teething ring and a soft baby music. This little plush will bring soft cuddles to your baby or child at the time of falling asleep. Will it also act as a hot water bottle? Maybe, as a handkerchief certainly :)

But don't be mistaken, as soon as you wake up, your baby Globe-trotter, equipped with his scarf, his pacifier clip, his slippers or his boots, will be ready to go on patrol around the world, and won't take off without his cuddly toy!

From nap time, wrapped in his diaper or his little linen blanket, to the stroller ride, baby junior will maybe accept to let him sleep in his backpack, next to his kit and his marbles, during a short trip, but don't count on it :) And even if he is greedy, at mealtime, with his bib, he will love to have this baby blanket with him.

The Panda Teddy Bear collection

An assortment of meticulously crafted teddy bears, neither beige nor brown (you are in the realm of pandas!), but with black and white fur, like velvet, with or without stuffing and in knitted, embroidered or crocheted versions. Machine washable for most.

From the white panda to the black panda, passing by the red panda, even the flat comforter and the red panda comforter are present for a rainbow and funny collection of soft teddy bears, a whole story of teddy bears!

Adorable as a baby panda, the plush animal is a perfect gift box or baby gift.

The Panda Teddy Bear is a separation aid

This is the famous cute transitional object defined by child psychiatrist Donald Winnicott. It is the link between what your toddler knows and what he can apprehend. His ultra soft teddy bear comforts him, reassures him and helps him to better live the separation with his parents.

• Allows him to wait for the return of his parents, feeling safe.

• Allows him to get used to staying alone in his bed without mom.

• Helps develop autonomy in new situations.

• Allows to console him in case of sorrow.